English Transaltion for the english Fans
I try to translate all german texts on this side for the English fans. But sorry, if the translation is not perfect, but I have better talents than the English language :-). But I hope everything is understandable,
Either you will find the translation directly by the german text (in blue coloured script) or you will find this symbol , then click on it, and you will get the translation.
Here is the meaning of the menue: Vorwort = foreword; gestern-heute = yesterday-today; Diskografie = discography; Auftritte-Events = Appearances-Events; Sonstiges = miscellaneous; weitere Fotos = other Photos; kontakt = contact;

This side is a pure private fanpage, with which I would like to inform a little bit about the musical career of Limahl, his appearances and concerts. The information comes from enquiries in the internet, form interviews in press and television, but also from my memories of the time when I was a Fan in the eighties. Of course I will specify the source of information, if I know them.
As a matter of course I can not ensure the completely correctness of all information. If I have got a wrong information or I had made an error, please send me a short message, that I have the chance to correct it.
On this site you find no forum, because there are some nice Limahl-Forums in the internet (the official one of the german fanclub and from other fansites), where friendly people talk together. You will find it in the linklist.
But I am looking forward to some nice posts in the guestbook - also in english language

I would like to give a big thank to all the fans, who give me Information, make own reports or give me some photos and with it have a share in the success of this side. A special thanks goes to Bejay, because she has given me so much material, and has invested much work in making of own reports. Without her assistance and ideas this side would not become as interesting as it is now.

A little request
For create an interesting webside I need your help. If you have photos, if you was personally an a concert, if you have undergone something special in association with Limahl (maybe you’ve got a proposal during a limahl-song or something like this), if you have had the luck to get a common photo with him or something else, please write about it, if you like, an then I will public it on this site.


(sroll down for the english text)