Here you will find information about Limahl’s appearances. Of course I can only report of these ones, which are known to me. This means, that it will be probably the mainly appearances in Germany. But of course I will try to give some information of the English appearances too.

In this rubric I am relied on your assistance. To show the atmosphere of an appearance, it would be great to get reports form fans, which were personally on this gig. Of course I can’t visit all of his concerts. Therefore I need your help. If you were personal on a concert, if you have made photos, please write a report if you like and send it / the photos to me. I will public it in this rubric. Thank you very much.

To inform yourself about the diary of concerts please take a regularly look on Limahl’s official homepage or on the page of the official german fanclub.

Of course I will give a short advice of the upcoming concerts, if I know the dates.