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1993, White Feathers

Side one
White Feathers
Too Shy
Lies and Promises
Magican Man
Kajaogoogoo (Instrumental)

Side two
Ooh to be ah
Hang on now
This car is fast

2004, Kajagoogoo White Feathers CD Neu Digital Remastered
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1. White Feathers
2. Too Shy
3. Lies and Promises
4. Magican Man
5. Kajagoogoo (Instrumental)
6. Ooh To Be Ah
7. Ergonomics
8. Hang On Now
9. This Car is Fast
10. Frayo

Bonus Tracks:
11. Too Shy (Instrumental Mix)
12. Take Another View
13. Interview Rooms
14. Animal Instincts
15. Introduction
16. Too Shy (Midnight Mix)
17. Ooh To Be Ah (The Construction Mix)
18.Hang On Now (Extended Version)

mit Kajagoogoo


1984, Don’t suppose


Side one
Don't Suppose…
That Special Something
Your Love
Too Much Trouble
Never Ending Story
(auf den ersten Veröffentlichungen ist statt “Nerverending story” “ The Greenhouse Effect (live)” auf der LP / on the first releases there is instead of “Neverending story” “ The Greenhouse effect (live)” on the LP)

Side two
Only For Love
I Was A Fool
The Waiting Game
Tar Beach
Oh Girl

1986, Colour all my days


Side one
Love In Your Eyes
Colour All My Days
Nothing On Earth (Can Keep Me From You)
Tonight Will Be The Night
Working Out

Side two
Don't Send For Me
Inside To Outside
Love Will Tear The Soul
For My Heart's Sake

1992, Love is blind

1. Love Is Blind
2. So Far So Good
3. Stop
4. Too Shy '92
5. Let's Get Together Again

6. Life Must Go On
7. Maybe This Time
8. Cheatin
9. Stay With Me
10. Someone Else

1999, 12" of Pleasure

Then Suddenly(Almighty Remix)

2001, What A Feeling II

A view to a kill

Never ending story

Pinball Wizard

Can you feel the love tonight

2002, Stars of the Eighties

Love That Lasts

2004, Best of Comeback

Neverending Story  -Limahl *new arrangement*

Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Duett mit Dynelle(Weather Girl)

Survivor -Comeback United Survivor

1997, Limahl

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1.Never Ending Story
2.Don't Suppose
3.That Special Something
4.Your Love
5.Too Much Trouble
6.Only For Love
7.I Was A Fool
8.The Waiting Game
9.Love In Your Eyes

9.Love In Your Eyes
10.Colour All My Days
11.Nothing On Earth (Can Keep Me From You)
12.Tonight Will Be The Night
13.Working Out
14.Don't Send For Me
16.Inside To Outside

1999, Best of Limahl

1999, Greatest Hits

1999, The Best of

1.Never Ending Story
2.Too Shy
3.Ooh To Be Aah
4.Big Apple
5.Only For Love
6.The Lion's Mouth
7.Turn Your Back On Me
8.Too Much Trouble

9.Shouldn't Do That
10.Hang On Now
11.So Far So Good
12.Someone Else
13.Love Is Blind
14.Maybe This Time
15.Rhythm Of Love
16.Lost In Love

2002, Best of Limahl

1.Never ending story
2.Too shy
3.Ooh to be ah
4.Only for love
5.Hang on now
6.Big Apple
7.So far so good
8.Lost in love

9.Someone else
10.Lion's mouth
11.Love is blind
12.Rhythm of love
13.Maybe this time
14.Shouldn't do that
15.Too much trouble
16.Turn your back on me

2002, Never ending story

1.Never Ending Story
2.Love In Your Eyes
3.Tonight Will Be The Night
4.Colour All My Days
5.That Special Something
6.Don't Suppose

7.I Was A Fool
8.Inside To Outside
9.Nothing On Earth (Can Keep Me From You)
11.Your Love
12.Don't Send For Me

Best of... Alben

Es gibt  noch einige Best of Alben mehr, die aber teilweise die gleiche Songs beeinhalten:.
There are some more Best of Albums, but they content nearly the same songs:

Quellen:http://www.limahl.co.uk; diverse Musikshops im Internet und natürlich meine eigene Plattensammlung
source of information: www.limahl.co.uk, diverse musicshopsand of course my own record collection


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